The English Lovers

19 Apr 2018
1010 Wien, Theater Drachengasse, Fleischmarkt 22

The English Lovers

ONE NIGHT STAND // 19.04. [DO]

In englischer Sprache!

In every relationship, short-lived or long-lasting, there comes a moment when you wish, just once, it could be the first time again. The first glance, the first laugh, the first touch, the first kiss. For twenty short years, the English Lovers and their beloved audience (thats you) have celebrated an unbroken chain of first nights every night. In this anniversary season, we commemorate, consecrate and consummate our relationship even more spontaneously: This spring, every show will be introduced and run by a different player. Lovers at the whim of Lovers! Chaos and clarity, hubris, hilarity and hijinks, passion and parody are bound to ensue. Come and scale with us the heights of manic inexplicability again … and again … and again.

With: Anne Weiner, Bronwynn Mertz-Penzinger, Dennis Kozeluh, Jacob Banigan, Jim Libby, Kathy Tanner, Michael Smulik  Improvised Music: Klaus Erharter, Belush Korenyi
Improvised Lighting: Karl Börner, Martin Kaspar, Stefan Rauchenwald


ORT: Theater Drachengasse, Fleischmarkt 22, Eingang Drachengasse 2, 1010 Wien  DAUER: 20:00 UHR, ca. 90 Minuten  KOSTEN: 9,50-19 EURO  INFO: Reservierung erforderlich 01/513 14 44 oder, Tageskassa Di-Fr 15:30 – 19:00


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